Sgi Floor Graphics

Sgi Floor Graphics offer Floor Graphics Installations on rough and textured surfaces. Weather you need a permanent and a temporary graphics, we will be happy to make your project hassle-free. Not Sure If Graphics can be installed? As always SGI Graphics Installation Services will be happy to answer any questions.

With floor graphics representing a $2 billion industry, can you really afford not to get involved? The answer for most of you is “no.” But that doesn’t mean you should go in with your eyes halfway open.

Yes, your vehicle wrapping and vinyl installation skills with other substrates will come in handy with floor graphics. However, there’s a new thing or two you need to learn in order to make money with floor graphics.

If the edges of the graphics begin to peel up before the recommended lifespan of the product (which is typically not more than six months) then you’ll have to do the job over again. Why would the edges lift up? One reason is because the floor wasn’t properly prepared before you applied the graphic.

The moral of the story is you can spend a few extra minutes preparing now, or you can spend a lot more time redoing the job later. That’s really no choice at all. So read on to learn how to place the graphic, how to prep the surface, how to install the graphic, and how to laminate it for longevity.