Comprehensive Site Surveys

Accuracy and precision are the key points to any printing and installation job. Our experienced team provides detailed site surveys to ensure accuracy for any project. That is the reason Site Survey is one on the important services provided by SGI Graphics Corp.

If you need to gather any type of information from your field locations, SGI Graphics is the great company that is ready to help you. We have years of experience combined with exceptional approach, flexibility and attention to detail. Our crews will physically go into each site and collect the exact information you need, and deliver it in the format you need.

We understand the importance of gathering visual information through digital pictures, exact critical dimensions, and accurate data collection. We are dedicated to excellence when it comes to serve our clients.With our widespread capabilities, company site surveys are completed successfully with an accurate portrayal of any location.

Site Survey services include:

  • Site Inspection

  • Data collection

  • Audits and pictures (photo and video)

  • Measurement Marking on Photo

  • Diagrams

  • 3D renderings

  • Providing lifts and Boom Trucks

  • Checking inventory

  • Analyzing space utilization